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KYO is a leading brand producing multiple segments of home appliances.

We value quality over quantity; hence we shall be releasing our products in different segments. The first of which are an array of versatile kettles which are just the right shape, size, and design that can suit any of your surroundings. Depending on the model which you select, you can easily place these kettles in just about any room in your house or office to brew some hot coffee in the morning; a cup of chai during your midday break; or a simple chamomile tea to wind down during the evening. The perfect design and style make it an ideal fit to place anywhere without much thought, along with ease and efficiency to use. We have specifically kept the price range of these kettles affordable without cutting on the quality. Our products have just been winners since day one, but don’t just take our word for it, go ahead and order one today. If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can always return it within 7 days (terms and conditions apply).

– 1.5L ELECTRIC KYO KETTLE (Color: Sky blue)
– 220-240V
– 1500W
– Powerbase
– 360-degree rotation
– JT controller
– Cordless W/cord storage
– Dry boil protection & automatic shut off
– Hinged safety locking lid
– Double-wall stainless steel kettle SS304
– Inner seamless ss304 pot & plastic encasing (Highest grade stainless steel)
– British Standard SAFETYMARK plug



Superfast heating of water to boiling point. The 1500W heating plate allows water to boiled in no time at all.
The automatic shutoff gives you maximum safety. This kettle comes with an auto-shutoff that automatically happens when you are not using your kettle or when the water has achieved the perfect boiling point. This also protects the device from overheating.
Ergonomically designed for your ease and convenience, this kettle has a 360-degree rotation base. You can easily serve and boil water in it.
Flat heating element for super-fast boiling and an easy cleaning experience.


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