KYO Partnerships

As the name suggests, “KYO” was inspired by Japanese culture: Always trying to perfect that what is not. Our intentions were simply to bring to life Quality products at affordable price points and ease of use for all our consumers. We not only gave our products a Japanese name but also came up with the Japanese design, technology, product development, and henceforth to match the same stringent Japanese product standards, to which we have all come to appreciate and trust in. we trust in our quality and our product design, and we are also confident about what we are doing for our customer base.
KYO works effortlessly with clients from all backgrounds in order to push the limits in offering a range of quality electrical appliances at different and affordable price points. Depending on our clients requirements, compliance issues and target prices, KYO is willing and ready to accept the challenge.  Keeping up with current market trends, maintaining high quality standards as well as keeping price affordable, you do not need to seek any further.  KYO is able to provide you with all of the above and more.
Being fortunate to having access to a network of different culinary backgrounds from multiple parts of the globe, preliminary rewiews and testing is always implemented before the launch of each new product introduced for commercial sales.  Our culinary partners are able to personally check and use our items.  With our current selection, it gives us great pride at KYO to confirm that all have passed with great remarks. Our partnerships have given us the confidence to believe that we can create products that will surpass every market standard and will be enough to win our customers hearts as well.
Our culinary experts range from adamant foodies, line chefs, home-based professionals as well as restaurant managers. We have acquired their invaluable advice to help us reach the level of perfection in our products.  Detailed comments and reviews based on remarks; some of which pertaining to efficiency, energy saving and most importantly taste after use.  Comments such as how our products enable them to process food and beverages and how the KYO kitchen appliances do not affect the flavor of their beverages brewed in them, has been truly inspiring and more over imperative in allowing KYO to come thus far.

Our partnerships have also recognized that KYO electric appliances have their safety measures and prevent electrocution as well as fire hazards. Unlike other competitors who incorporate SAFETYMARK only afterwards as an addon by simply changing the adaptor;  KYO appliances are built with SAFETY in mind before it ever leaves the production floor.   From encasing, inner-body , cable and adaptor, you can rest assured you are protected.

The partnerships we have made with these culinary experts were solely based on their wide range of expertise in the field. We have managed to stay in touch with them, and continue to call them over to our production facilities from time to time in order to continue helping us evaluate our product standards.  KYO‘s dedication towards quality is just beyond any parameter of personal benefit or gain. We have hence been able to produce the best products that work for years straight without any issue. But even if you face any issues, our customer care team is always willing and ready to provide you witn a solution.

Since inception these partnerships are confident to pass positive remarks about us at multiple platforms. This is how we have won millions of hearts, and hope to continue to do so with your support. 

Please feel free to contact us via email for more information, or simply if you want to join and partner up with KYO.