Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

KYO Foundation

KYO is a leading electrical appliances producing company that has just taken on the responsibility of delivering quality products that are affordable. We are highly grateful to every one of our corporate partners. All corporate partnerships are the sources to help empower those at risk, and most vulnerable in our community. We provide the most reasonable electrical appliances and try our best to let every sector of our society buy these products from us.

Our wide product range allows you to benefit from the brand KYO in several ways.

Our team is driven towards making and ensuring that each partnership is customized to meet the organizational needs and resources we have. It is essential to us that every customer of ours feels satisfied with our products in terms of quality and value.

Corporate social responsibility makes an upper hand, raises brand mindfulness, and assists organizations with creating trust with investors, customers, and workers. Exhibiting that organizations, customers, and networks can flourish together is an amazing favorable position.

KYO Philosophy for CSR policy

KYO strategy is to create substantial and dependable products that are a win-win for both ends. For us, our customers are of the highest importance, and we like to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes before making decisions. Corporate Social Responsibility at KYO is a compilation of all the following foundation elements that we have towards society.

  • Distribution of our products to schools to promote awareness of healthy home made food and drink.
  • Giving back a portion of the proceeds to charity. Because we feel its not only about dollars and cents, its about doing good for the community which we are very much a part of.
  • Volunteering for the community is very important to us. More specifically sharing our products and tips with old age homes.  The elderly are important part of the community for us, and we never want them to feel left out. If not for their sacrifices none of us would be where we are.

We like to promote and eco friendly environment to society by encouraging people to use our appliances that are build to last and discourage people from buying plastic products which emit harmful chemicals which are bad for OUR environment.


The CSR that KYO is delivering towards the market is at the high end as well. KYO is driven towards the Excellency of products and customer service at the same time. We do not just want to run our business but want our clients to fall in love with our appliances and our customer service. KYO has spent enough time and effort in maintaining both of these things and bringing them up to KYO standards. Our products are built after proper planning and are assembled with extreme care. We carry out research and try focusing on what the consumer needs. User satisfaction is our top priority; we are always determined to give them what they want to use at home, office, or traveling.


Ethical corporate social obligation programs focus on guaranteeing that all partners in the business get reasonable treatment, from representatives to customers.


KYO has all its resources based in China and is inspired by the ethics of Japan. It is a brand inspired by the Japanese belief in brand loyalty, design, excellent production, and control and assurance of quality is what we are following here at KYO.

KYO foundation as CSR values

We have a group of devoted counselors who are specialists in products listed and are prepared to offer master guidance regarding your requirements and suggest the correct item for you. Please feel free to contact us on the platform of choice offered on our website.

With vast experience in the procurement of materials, we source our materials directly, enabling us to keep costs low and standard of quality very high. We sell unique items and no duplicates or fakes.

We need you to have genuine feelings of serenity when you buy from us, so we would offer to supplant your broken item inside the guarantee period and not endeavor to fix it.

All merchandise displayed and available for sale on our website are available locally with fast delivery. The majority of our items are available, prepared to transport, or gather the same day once the order is placed and processed. (Please note due to the COVID as well as unprecedented online sales demand, delivery times may be delayed slightly)KYO products will run perfectly for the longest of times, and we assure you will be glad by the efficiency and ease of using it. We have served people of every sector and living standard, and we have loved the positive feedback our customers gave for KYO products. We enjoy whenever our products get good feedback, and that is what drives us to make better products that are efficient and best working. Your struggle to get the best electronic kettles ends here with us. No more hunt for electric kettles for you now as KYO is here to serve you with the best products in town. Feel free to give your suggestions, and we will keep your feedback important. So which kettle are you choosing today?