Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

Being one of the nation’s top-ranking home appliance producers, KYO has committed to leading the industry in safety advancements, customer satisfaction, and workforce training.  

We have state of the art assets and strong financial strength, completing projects on perfect time and also in budget. We focus on mastering new technologies as they develop in our industry in order to always be one step ahead of the competition. KYO pledges to maintain our progressive business philosophies and pursue a unique and challenging project structure. It helps us build a corporate culture that fosters innovative thoughts and also to take strategic action.


Our corporate values

• Safety
KYO is focused on thoroughly checking all our products meet the highest level of safety standards. Not only for our customers but for all those involved in the production of our appliances. We leave no stone unturned with it comes to safety.

• Integrity
Clients, contractual workers, merchants, and providers will have the option to rely on KYO management and faculty to bargain direct and hold fast to the strictest good and moral codes of business lead.

• Quality
Clients and end-clients will have the option to depend on KYO‘s specialized execution and workmanship to be among the most elevated in the business.

• Dependability
Customers, contractors, merchants, and suppliers will have the option to rely on KYO management and faculty to be dependable and reliable at each trade.

• Customer Service
KYO is committed to adding up to consumer loyalty. We promise to meet or surpass client desires on each venture.

• Community
KYO‘s pledge to the communities where we work and live won’t waiver. We will keep on giving back where necessities are the best and where our feelings direct, both corporately and personally.

• Employees
KYO perceives that its most prominent resource is its people. We vow to treat every worker with respect. Harmony starts from within. Our mission is not to just sell a quality product but bring a product to our customers where all those employees whose hands were involved with the product were happy, so these positive vibrations can be passed on to our customers.

• Leadership & Innovation
KYO is focused on its part as an industry chief and innovator. Customers can depend on us to always be up to date with the latest trends. In a time when the world is moving forward with technological developments we focus on never letting our customers get left behind.

Our Goals include

  • Operational excellence 
    • Endeavor to accomplish the most elevated potential norms in everyday work and the nature of the results delivered.
    • Gain, learn and apply best in class innovation.
    • Have all around characterized SOPs with explicit possessions and responsibility.
  • Customer focus 
    • Customers are not only a source of income; they are the backbone of our organization.
    • Persistently improve the nature of administration and responsiveness to keep up a fulfilled client base.
    • Exhibiting demonstrable skills in all client dealings and guaranteeing that client needs to drive all business activities.
    • Improve unwavering quality and proficiency of gracefully of power to the customers. – Be a dependable corporate resident.
  • Employee development 
    • Approach all representatives with deference and decency.
    • Give a solid and safe work environment.
    • Zero in on selecting, creating, and holding best experts.
    • Perceive and prize accomplishment.
    • Enable individuals to amplify their latent capacity and commitment.
  • High-end product development 
    • Bring high-end products to customers
    • Be within the price range mentioned
    • Accessible for all
    • Worthy of time and money investment