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Company Perspectives

KYO is well aware of the fact that to be the leading supplier of electrical home appliances and also to retain its position it will have to keep innovating and bringing in technology that is diversified.  KYO keeps on striving to be at the world-class status with a thought to keep on bringing improvements in its products. At the current moment, KYO is further moving into the development of leading-edge home appliances manufacturing techniques and also new-gen products that are enough to meet the needs of globally recognized brands for the new age.

History of KYO

KYO is a brand that is inspired by the ethics of home appliance production followed in Japan. Taking the best combination of Japanese values that include brand loyalty, design, excellent production, and assurance of quality is what we at KYO are following. We are, at the same time bringing in specialized home appliances that are perfect in operation and easy to operate.

Since there is a wide array of home appliances available in today’s market in most cases if it’s cheap, then the manufacturers are unable to guarantee the quality. If it is good in quality, then either the price is too high, or the product is overly complicated.

Thus began our KYO journey to find the perfect home appliances that meet our customer’s needs in terms of usage and price.  We believe a quality product should never be out of anyone’s price range.

KYO being a pioneer

As the name suggests, “KYO” it was inspired by Japanese culture of always pushing to strive for perfection.  Our intentions were simply to bring to life Quality products at affordable prices for all our consumers. We not only gave our products a Japanese name but thought of a design concept that would bring this Japanese idea of perfection into something that our clients can see and touch and truly experience.

We believe that a quality product is nothing without good service to follow it up with. We take pride in our KYO products and never shun away from responsibilities. We tend to treat our customers with the same amount of love and attention which has been given to create our products. We love our work, and we love getting customer reviews about our products.

Your struggle to get the best home appliances ends here with us. No more hunt for electrical appliances for you now as KYO is here to serve you with the best products in town.

How KYO grew to several markets

KYO grew solely based on its professionalism in customer service and keeping up with the latest trends in technology for all our home appliances.   They are precise  This probably won’t be a serious deal for most purchasers of electric kettles, yet tea lovers will cherish it. They need the perfect temperatures when blending a few sorts of teas as it impacts the flavor. Green teas and oolongs need a particular temperature of water to draw out the specific flavor, and thus KYO electric kettles suit the best for this reason.

KYO is continuing innovation

KYO is extremely driven towards the Excellency of products and also the best customer service. We are running our home appliance production services that are meant to help clients in their daily tasks. Our products are built with proper and extensive planning and are assembled with extreme care. We ensure our customers get the best experience in using our home appliances.  We carry out research and try focusing on what the consumer needs. User satisfaction is our top priority; we are always determined to give them what they want to use at whether it be for the home, office or on the go, KYO has you covered.

We keep the entire customer base of KYO in mind while designing and releasing a product.  KYO is not just a brand but is a journey of 3 like-minded people who all had their unique skill sets to bring the inspirational concept of KYO into all our customers’ lives.  To us its more than just a product but a way of life which we want to share with all our customers.