About Us


KYO was conceived based on one simple thought: “What can we do to help our consumers brew their perfect hot beverage with ease, efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness?”  Since there is a wide array of home appliances / electric kettles available in today’s market; If it’s cheap, then the manufacturers are unable to guarantee the quality. If it is good in quality, then either the price is too high, or the product is overly complicated.  Thus began our KYO journey.


KYO came into existence by three entrepreneurs, each of whom plays to their own strengths.  One of which is a Master of Marketing, having worked with many companies in overlooking projects and making sure the final concept becomes a reality.  The second a Master of Innovation and Product Development, having traveled the world 2 times over and helping his clients to build products to very fine specifications and coordinating the same with the respective factories.  Thirdly a Master of Sales, with articulate and patient communication skills to understand his client’s needs and thus being able to pinpoint what is lacking in the marketplace.


As the name suggests, “KYO” it was inspired by Japanese culture: Always trying to perfect that what is not.   Our intentions were simply to bring to life Quality products at affordable price points and ease of use for all our consumers.  We not only gave our products a Japanese name but also came up with the Japanese design, technology, product development, and henceforth to match the same stringent Japanese product standards, to which we have all come to appreciate and trust in.


We not only produce Quality Products but also offer what is referred to as a “Top-Quality Customer Service.”  We take pride in our KYO products and never shun away from responsibilities.  We tend to treat our customers with the same amount of love and attention, which has been given to create our products.   Our Client front desk department has always been ever so active and efficient in solving customer issues.  We love our work, and we love getting customer reviews about our products. Many of our customers come back to us and tell us their stories of how purchasing their electrical appliances from KYO has helped them getting their routine tasks done efficiently. All your feedback drives us and keeps us focused on striving to do better. Our customer service is always available for you to contact and let us know what you think about KYO products.


Our products are built after proper planning and are assembled with extreme care. We ensure our consumer gets the best experience using them, and hence we carry out user testing as well. You may not be a fan of using electrical appliances, but KYO electric appliances will make you feel like getting a new one every time you lose the old one, or simply just because you want your household appliance to match the new drapes. You get a variety of colors to choose from that would match your kitchen and house interior theme. Along with that, many different functionalities and operations. The more you shift from one model to the other, the more variance in functionalities you will find. We carry out research and try focusing on what the consumer needs. User satisfaction is our top priority; we are always determined to give them what they want to use at home, office, or traveling.


Our compact designs are suitable to be used anywhere and at all times. The variety of colors will allow you to choose what matches your space as well as personality. We cater to the needs of all our clients.  Be sure to keep coming back to check for our seasonal color promotions and Limited-edition appliances.


With vast experience in the procurement of materials, we source our materials directly, enabling us to keep costs low and standard of quality very high. We sell unique items and no duplicates or fakes.

All merchandise displayed and available for sale on our website are available locally with fast delivery.  The majority of our items are available, prepared to transport, or gather the same day once the order is placed and processed. (Please note due to the COVID as well as unprecedented online sales demand, delivery times may be delayed slightly).

We need you to have genuine feelings of serenity when you buy from us, so we would offer to supplant your broken item inside the guarantee period and not endeavor to fix it.


We have a group of devoted counselors who are specialists in products listed and are prepared to offer master guidance regarding your requirements and suggest the correct item for you. Please feel free to contact us on the platform of choice offered on our website.


Your dream home electric appliances are waiting for you on KYO online and from other authorized retailers.  Once bought, you simplty just have to bring it home, unbox it, clean it, and then plug it in, after which it will be ready for use anytime at your command.  Our products will run perfectly for the longest of times, and we assure you will be glad by the efficiency and ease of using it. We serve and continue to keep serving people from every sector and living standard. All your positive feedbacks for KYO productsis what drives us to excel further. Your struggle and hunt for the perfect home appliance is finally over.  KYO is here to serve you with the best products in town. Feel free to leave us your suggestions, all your feedback is very important to us at KYO. So which appliance are you choosing today?