Best Electric Kettles – Singapore

A kettle is one of the main appliances of any kitchen that are mandatory in all the kitchens you go to. With modern times and advanced technology, manufacturers are now providing electric kettles now as an alternative to traditional kettles. These electric kettles are designed to provide ease, reduced time for tea or coffee making and even take less space. If you are a tea or coffee addict, then we have the best electric kettles in Singapore for you. They are not just limited to making tea or coffee, you can also boil water for a variety of different purposes.

An electric kettle makes it a lot easier to boil water quickly compared to the traditional methods. If you are in a rush to the office, then boiling water in an electric kettle is the best choice in comparison to putting a kettle on the stove.

Here is a list of some of the best electric kettles in Singapore:

 Electric Kettle Kyo-01

We do not compromise on our quality under no circumstances and make the best electric kettles in Singapore. KYO-01 bears a beautiful deep magenta colour. The product quality is top-notch as defined by most of our customers. Also, it has a quick boiling time. It can boil room-temperature water in just 2-5 minutes. Moreover, it can boil 1.7 liters in 5 minutes or under and 0.5 Liter water in just 2 minutes or under.

Electric Kettle Kyo-02

This electric kettle KYO-02is available in beautiful red colour, having a longer power cable to adjust it without any difficulty. This product durability is long-lasting; plus, it has a 360 degrees’ pirouette base to handle it with ease. Furthermore, it has a steam sensor, dry boiling and incorporated with such a system that prevents it from overheating.

 Electric Kettle Kyo-03

Electric kettle KYO-03 is available in flamingo pink colour. Its 1500W high heating plate helps in quickly boiling the water. KYO-03 has a unique feature that automatically turns it off to ensure maximum safety.

We have perfectly design cheap electric kettles in Singapore that are ideal for daily use. We believe in providing quality product over quantity.

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