Dos and Don’ts of an Electric Kettle

There are two sides to everything. Electric kettles provide a lot of advantages and convenience. Most importantly, they reduce the time for making tea or coffee in the morning or for any important event when you are in a hurry or getting late from work. However, there are few things you shouldn’t be doing when using an electric kettle.

Following are the key feature for dos and don’ts of an electric kettle in Singapore

Clean the Kettle Properly

You must keep your electric kettle neat and clean. If you want to increase the working duration of the electric kettle, you have to clean it properly with liquid dishwashing for inner cleaning.

Besides, do not put the kettle inside the water as well as add water from the outside as that will damage the electric part.

Avoid Storing Water in Kettle

Another important don’t to be considered is never to keep water stored inside the kettle. The water storage can cause deposition of certain minerals on the surface which damages kettles earlier and deteriorate the performance even for the branded electric kettle in Singapore.

Always pour water when you are going to make something from it and use it well with proper instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Avoid turning on kettle empty

You should never turn on the electric kettle unless it has water inside it as this will damage the heating element and minimize its durability. Besides, it might cause any mishap or accident if you turn on an empty kettle, especially in the case of using a cheap electric kettle in Singapore. Always use the kettle with water inside it.

Always Fill Water in Kettle As Instructed

The water might start spilling if you overfill water. It could also burn the hands of the operator while the appliance.

Always fill the water as instructed by the manufacturer. Check the water level before you start using the electric kettle for the first time.

All in all, there are some cheap electric kettles in Singapore that sometimes get damaged earlier than the estimated timeframe. But KYO appliance manufactures the best Electric Kettles in Singapore for its customers that are built to last.

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