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Your Number 1 priority of getting a product that will help you brew your perfect hot beverage with ease, speed, cost efficiency, and love. We are a place where your hunt for perfect electric kettles ends. We at KYO have made it our priority to help people find an efficient electric kettle that is pocket friendly without a compromise on quality. Where quality is our top asset, we also keep our customers very close to our brand. Our customers are the asset we invest in, and hence customer service we have at KYO is just top-notch. You may come to us, and you will for sure not go back without an electric kettle that won’t take much of your cash as well.


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  • Sale! KYO-01 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle (Deep Space Purple)


    ELECTRIC KETTLES $42.00 $39.00
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  • Sale! KYO-02_Scarlet_Red


    ELECTRIC KETTLES $112.00 $80.00
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  • Sale! KYO-03 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle (Flamingo Pink)


    ELECTRIC KETTLES $54.40 $43.00
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  • Sale!


    ELECTRIC KETTLES $58.30 $46.00
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  • Sale! KYO-06_Matte_Black


    ELECTRIC KETTLES $71.50 $55.00
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KYO - Electric Kettles

The journey of KYO Appliances began with a simple thought of providing well-rounded convenience for our valued customers and electric kettle in Singapore. After observing that products for brewing hot beverages that were cheap were also poor in quality and those that were of good quality were too high in price, three entrepreneurs joined forces to lay the foundation of a brand that is solely focused on providing best electric kettle in Singapore in an affordable price range. With the combined expertise of a marketing expert, an innovation and product development expert, and a sales expert, KYO Appliances came into being to provide branded electric kettle in Singapore.

KYO Appliances is dedicated to providing nothing but the best electric kettle in Singapore to its valuable customers along with top-quality customer service. We believe in innovation and providing reliable products for everyday use at an affordable price; hence we are also manufacturing cheap electric kettle in Singapore. Japanese technology and design we have employed are to make our products as stringent as Japanese electronic products. It is our love and respect for our values customers that we are continuously working to better ourselves so we can manufacture best electric kettle in Singapore. We value the feedback of our customers and encourage them to reach out to us for anything they may need to inquire from us or complain about. Your feedback matter to us. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates on the latest developments along with receiving an update on all our new blogs that are put out for general awareness of our valued customers.

What sets us apart from the rest is our experience in procurement of materials required for the manufacturing of electric kettle in Singapore which is sourced directly with no third party involved. This allows us to select nothing but the best materials while keeping our costs low simultaneously; resulting in creation of cheap electric kettle in Singapore. Hence, we sell genuine products built to last rather than cheap and fake duplicates that would give up on you at anytime.

Furthermore, we make sure our electric kettle in Singapore that are displayed on our website are readily available for our clients for local delivery at a fast pace. It is with high hopes that we deliver the best electric kettle in Singapore, expecting that they will bring you the comfort and convenience that you expect from them. it is for this purpose that we opted to provide direct replacement of products that have broken down during the period of the guarantee rather than to repair the product.

Moreover, our expert counsellors are readily available for consultation to guide our customer in terms of selecting the ideal electric kettle in Singapore as per their requirement. They know the products listed on our website inside out and provide proper guidance by evaluating your needs whether for personal and commercial purposes; so you can use a branded electric kettle in Singapore.